What to Consider as You Choose a Hotel for Your Belize Vacation

by | Feb 3, 2023 | Resort & Hotels

After booking your tickets to Belize, the next step is determining where you will stay. Here are four helpful tips to help you find the best San Pedro Belize hotels.

Look at the size of the hotel. Many find that it is best to stay in a midsize resort. They get access to plenty of amenities, like restaurants and pools, but they don’t spend much time getting to them. If you have ever stayed in a mega-resort, you know it can take 20 minutes to get to the beach in one direction and then 20 minutes to get to your favorite restaurant in another. If you stay in a large resort, make sure it has a shuttle.

Consider how much time you plan to spend in the room. If you plan to use luxury amenities and spend a lot of time in the room, it may be best to go with higher-quality San Pedro Belize hotels. Luxurious resorts may give you complimentary Wi-Fi, a minibar, a mini fridge, a coffee machine, and other perks to make your stay more comfortable.

Determine if getting personal toiletries is important to you. Depending on the hotel you choose to stay in, you may have access to a hairdryer, shampoo, robes, and various toiletries. This can make your stay more comfortable and limit the number of personal items you must bring. This can make flying a lot easier.

Think about the type of vacation you would like to enjoy. If you are looking for some peace and quiet, a family resort may not be the best option for you.